Home STD testing for “trichomoniasis”

Published on October 5th, 2013

If you are concerned about possible Trich STD infection in Bakersfield, here is more you should know.

Whether you live in Bakersfield or elsewhere, a person infected with trichomoniasis is at greater risk of getting other sexually transmitted diseases. The genital inflammation that occurs with trichomoniasis can increase a woman’s susceptibility to HIV infection and to pelvic inflammatory disease, a painful disorder that can last for months or longer, and can affect fertility.

According to leading physicians and treatment websites a test for T. vaginalis is ordered when someone complains of symptoms, such as vaginal itching, burning, a foul-smelling vaginal discharge for women or pain on urination or discharge from the urethra for men.

Order a home kit to get delivered to your home in Bakersfield today.

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